Laser Tattoo Removal Tribal Tattoos – What You Need To Know

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Laser Tattoo Removal Tribal Tattoos – What You Need To Know

You have a tribal tattoo that you want removed.

But you’re worried:

Most tribal tattoos are large with a lot of ink.

And you feel like it’s going to be impossible for laser tattoo removal to effectively remove it. And you feel like it’s going to be too expensive.

Before you continue to worry let us set the record straight about tribal laser tattoo removal.

Tribal Tattoo Removal – Yes It’s Possible

We have had success completely removing tribal tattoos in the past.

There is a caveat to tribal tattoos, though:

Tribal tattoos often have LOTS of ink. It’s thick. It’s dense. And it usually takes up a lot of space (usually they’re half sleeves or full sleeves).

So as a result, tribal tattoos usually take longer to remove than a regular tattoo. To be 100% honest with you guys, it takes 3 even 4 times for you to see any type of movement happening in your tattoo. Tribal tattoos are so dense and so ink packed that were essentially removing 2 tattoos at once. (layers and layers of ink)

But the tribal tattoo removal outcome?

Again, we’ve had success in the past COMPLETELY removing tribal tattoos.

We cannot guarantee that this for every client since everyone runs a different immune system and are tattoo’d with different types of ink but, we have had success in the past.

So if you’re worried about the laser tattoo removal fading process… Thinking that your dark-ink tribal tattoo cannot be fully removed… Then don’t let that hold you back.

A full removal is possible. You just have to go to a highly reviewed, accredited, and well-respected clinic with the best technicians and staff.


ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Laser Tattoo Removal Tribal Tattoos - What You Need To Know


The Cost of Tribal Tattoo Laser Tattoo Removal

There’s not an easy answer to this…

Every tattoo is different.

And every person’s body is different.

So to get an accurate price on your specific tattoo, you’d need to have a free consultation with a clinic near you to get an accurate estimate.


I will speak in generalities about tribal tattoos and the cost associated with them.

Oftentimes tribal tattoos will cost more to remove than your average tattoo – here’s why:

There is a heavy amount of ink. And it’s VERY concentrated.

As a result, it takes more time for your body to break down the ink particles and flush them out of your system between each laser tattoo removal treatment.

And that means that you need to have more laser tattoo removal treatments in order to fully remove all of the ink particles. Patience is key when removing Tribal tattoo’s

ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Laser Tattoo Removal Tribal Tattoos - What You Need To Know

To learn more about laser tattoo removal costs, you can go to this page. 


Tribal Tattoo Removal Before and After

While we do not currently have any before and after tribal tattoo removal pictures, we are currently treating multiple patients with tribal tattoos and will have before and after pictures in the near future.


We are more than happy to chat with you about your specific situation. Give us a call at (720) 230-7270.

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