Tattoo Removal: Climb the Corporate Ladder

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ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Tattoo Removal: Climb the Corporate Ladder Workplace Tattoos U.S. Army Tattoo Removal Laser Tattoo Removal  With the U.S. Army tightening in its tattoo policy, more and more people are questioning tattoos in the workplace.

The Army’s tattoo policy dictates where the tattoo can be, how big it can be, and even the content of the tattoo. If it could be deemed “deemed extremist, indecent, sexist or racist,” it’s prohibited. 

Although the new policy states that individuals already serving with tattoos that violate the new policies will be grandfathered in, it stipulates that it’s at the soldier’s commander’s discretion whether to do so. Soldiers will also be subject to yearly checks for new tattoos, limiting soldier self-expression in more ways than one.

These restrictions aren’t new for inked individuals, because they’re common restrictions found in many industries and work environments. Many won’t cover up their tattoos for anyone or any job, while others are willing to throw on a turtle-neck to appease a stricter work environment.

If you don’t want to remove your tattoos or cover them up, consider nabbing a gig at one of the many tattoo-friendly companies out there, like Whole Foods, Ikea, or Target. If it’s a corporate job you’re looking for, consider the startup world or the tech industry, where creative is cool.

But what about those who want a more corporate job with longevity and the benefits of building a career? Should you consider removing tattoos to guarantee your job?

The truth is, getting tattoos removed is easier than ever with our Q-switch technology. With our years of experience helping nurses, military professionals, individuals in finance, and more remove unwanted ink, it wouldn’t hurt to consider removing ink that could get you demoted, fired, or marginalized on the job.

Have you gotten a tattoo removed to climb the corporate ladder? How did you make the decision? 


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