Jonny Gomes Tattoos: Removal Time?

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ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Jonny Gomes Tattoos: Removal Time? Tattoo Removal Sports Tattoos Laser Tattoo Removal Jonny Gross Tattoos Jonny Gross Boston Red Sox  Although most tattoo removal sessions arise out of a desire to rid the body of names and sentiments about ex-lovers, we’re starting to wonder about athletes and their loyalties.

After all, with the rate that sport superstars are traded around, doesn’t it make sense not to get inked with your current team’s logo or stadium or mascot?

There’s Jeremy Hill, a former LSU runing back witha  pretty amazing full-back tattoo of LSU stadium. He’s now playing with the Bengals, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like he’s got much space left for a Bengals addition next to him petting LSU’s “Mike the Tiger.”

Then there’s Jonny Gomes, Boston Red Sox outfielder, who was traded to the Oakland Athletics for outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. To celebrate the Red Sox 2013 World Series win, the wild and bearded Gomes got a pretty gnarly (and large) celebratory tattoo. Then there was that Red Sox super fan who got a nearly-identical tattoo.

So what now? With a move to the Oakland A’s, will Gomes consider a tattoo removal? Maybe he’ll try to cover it up with some A’s action?

Do you think Gomes should get his Red Sox tattoo removed or let it stick around as a keepsake as his time with a winning team? 

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