The Facts: PicoSure vs Q Switch Technology

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There’s been a lot of talk recently about the new PicoSure tattoo removal technology, and we’ve been asked whether we’re up for switching away from our Quanta Q Plus C. The answer? Nope! We think q switched is superior.

It all comes down to physics. In a nutshell, different wavelengths have different impacts on specific colors of tattoo ink within the skin. You need a series of different wavelengths to properly hit the depth of blacks, greens, yellows, reds, and other colors. There’s no such thing as a “do-it-all” wavelength.

With the Quanta Q-Plus C, there are three TRUE wavelengths, whose energy represents the depth of the ink in your skin. These wavelengths have the strongest ability of any laser to break down inks in your skin.

  • 1064: This wavelength hits black, which is the deepest and easiest to remove.
  • 532: This wavelength hits red/orange, which is the most shallow in the skin.
  • 694: This wavelength hits blue/green, which can be some of the toughest to remove.

The PicoSure uses one wavelength: 755. Why? In the early days of laser tattoo removal, 755 was the golden number. Although these lasers work, it doesn’t go deep enough to hit the blacks, let alone remove them. When it comes to blues and greens, the wavelength goes past them.

PicoSure lasers also use a circular laser beam, whereas the Quanta uses a square beam. The benefit of the square beam is that skin damage is minimized because it stacks pulses precisely and evenly. A circular beam overlaps, damaging the skin.

Still not convinced? Science speaks for itself in a 2013 study by the Journal of the Laser and Health Academy in which researchers concluded that,

[T]he published literature and our preliminary results seem to indicate that current “picosecond” lasers are not expected to have a significantly better tattoo clearance effect in comparison with the “gold standard” Q-switched nanosecond tattoo lasers. … It is our opinion that top-of-the-line Q-switched nanosecond lasers will remain the devices of choice for tattoo removal.”

Have you had experience with PicoSure or Quanta? Tell us what you think: Does one out do the other in pain, price, or process for you? 

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