Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Like every tattoo, our approach to pricing is unique.

How much does tattoo removal cost?

First, if you have a tattoo that you’d like to get removed, don’t let costs deter you. Most tattoo removal clinics can customize a treatment plan to fit your budget.

That’s exactly what we do at ReThink the Ink. We understand that you may have gotten a tattoo that you no longer want, so we want to make sure the cost of our laser tattoo removal is reasonable.

You’re probably still wondering “Okay, but how much does laser tattoo removal cost? How expensive is it to get a tattoo removed?”

Here’s where you may not like our answer…

Every tattoo is unique, right? So every tattoo removal cost is also going to be unique.

ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Costs

To determine the price of your laser tattoo removal, you’ll need to schedule a free consultation to gather the specific details of your tattoo – like the color and quality of the ink, the size of the tattoo, and the location of the tattoo.

After this free consultation, we will be able to determine how many sessions and treatments it’ll take to completely remove your tattoo.

Here’s what we can tell you:

Our tattoo removal prices start at just $49 per treatment.

But that’s as much detail as we can offer without knowing the specifics of your situation. We always customize a pricing and treatment plan to match your individual removal needs.

If you want more detailed information on the explanation of how the pricing of tattoo removal works, you can find it below.

ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Costs

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Look for Laser Tattoo Removal Package Deals and Tattoo Removal Discounts:

Often times you’ll be able to find discounts for tattoo removal.

There are a lot of Groupon discounts, special offers, etc. out there that can cut costs dramatically.

The most common discounts are for military members, first responders, and other types of service members.

Package deals and zero percent financing are also common, and we make that available for all types of credit.

If you want to know what discounts you qualify for at ReThink the Ink, you can contact us for special pricing.

Pro Tip – Winter Season: The cost to remove a tattoo is often less during the winter months. According to laser tattoo removal providers, the demand for tattoo removal will decrease during winter compared to the summer months.

It makes sense… People want to be showing off their body in the summer and are more likely to want to get that unwanted tattoo removed. Versus in the winter? They lose the beach bod and it’s no longer top priority to remove that tattoo.

Package Deals: Instead of paying per session, buying a complete package treatment will be cheaper than paying per tattoo removal treatment. Most tattoo removal clinics offers huge discounts to the customer that purchase packages.

ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Costs

Tattoo Removal Clinic Vs. Dermatologist:

Going to a laser tattoo removal clinic rather than the office of the dermatologist will give you better deal with tattoo removal cost.

Tattoo removal clinics are still filled with medical staff like nurses and healthcare assistants that are trained to handle laser treatment procedures, so you’ll still have a professional doing the treatment, but at a lower cost.

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Tattoo removal pricing explained

Does Health Insurance Cover Getting a Tattoo Removed?

According to medical insurance providers, laser tattoo removal is not covered by health insurance.

Here’s why:

Getting a tattoo removed is considered a cosmetic treatment. It’s essentially saying that it’s your personal preference to get the tattoo removed, and health insurance only covers expenses related to your health.

On the other hand, there are cases where laser tattoo removal can be covered by health insurance, as long as it affects the person medically. For example, if you have an allergic reaction to the ink, then your insurance may cover the cost of laser removal for the tattoo.

Free Consultation

Remember, how expensive tattoo removal is depends on the initial consultation, where the professional can look at all aspects of the tattoo to determine how many treatments are needed, as well as the cost.

See below for the explanation of the factors that go into laser tattoo removal cost.

The Size Of Your Tattoo Influences the Price of Tattoo Removal

According to the latest statistics, the tattoo will be measured by the square inch. Most tattoo removal clinics ranges from $50 to $70 per square inch. For small to medium size tattoos, the average price would start from $80 to $500 per session based on the price per square inch.

ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Costs

The Color Of The Tattoo Influences the Price of Tattoo Removal

Think of it like this:

Each color of ink is removed by a different wavelength used by the tattoo removal laser.

For example, blues and greens require a different wavelength than just black ink.

So if your tattoo contains color, then various types of laser technology will have to be used. In a Q-switched laser, there are three main wavelengths that work well with various colors. During your consultation, your doctor or tattoo removal clinic will explain which laser wavelengths need to be used.

ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Costs

The Brand Of Ink Influences the Price of Tattoo Removal

Did you know that tattoo ink isn’t regulated?!

Your tattoo can be metal based, organic based, plastic based, or even something-else based… I’ve heard of tattoo parlors using auto-shop paint as an ingredient in their ink…

So while organic ink will be easily removed, other types of inks may not.

The type of ink in your tattoo will determine how difficult it is to remove, which will affect the cost.

The Thickness Of The Ink Influences the Price of Tattoo Removal

Every tattoo consists of saturated inks. But, some tattoo artists may use more ink (higher saturation) in their tattoos than others, which will therefore have a higher ink density.

Skin experts and laser technicians confirm that thickly saturated tattoo needs more work and time to remove. Thus, highly dense tattoos are more expensive than less dense tattoos.

The Age Of The Tattoo Influences the Price of Tattoo Removal

If you just got a tattoo 3 months ago, it’s going to much harder to remove than a tattoo that you got 15 years ago.

The age of the tattoo can be determined through its appearance.

According to skin experts, an old tattoo that is at least 10 years old is much easier to remove than a newer tattoo.

So if your tattoo is new, then it’s probably going to cost more to remove.

ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Costs

Your Skin Type And Color Influences the Price of Tattoo Removal

Skin sensitivity and color needs to be considered to prevent any skin reaction to the laser technology.

The tattoo removal laser is the same as with the UVA of the sun – which means that skin should not be overexposed.

Sometimes, certain skin types can be highly sensitive to the laser, and skin experts might provide you an alternative way to do the tattoo removal.

Your Medical History Influences the Price of Tattoo Removal

Imagine this

You have person #1: 25 years old, in great shape, and perfectly healthy.

You have person #2: 55 years old, laden with health problems, and smokes two packs of cigarettes per day.

Person #1 is probably going to need fewer treatments than person #2 to remove their tattoo. And fewer treatments equals cheaper prices.

I’ll explain the science behind it:

When you get a tattoo removed, the laser breaks the ink into smaller particles.

Then your lymphatic (aka immune system) has to flush those particles out of your system.

The healthier the person, the faster those ink particles are removed from the body. The unhealthier the person, the slower the ink particles are removed.

Make sense?

Unrelated to pricing, the tattoo removal specialist or doctor will want to know whether you took any medication in the past few weeks.

If you recently took certain medication, your doctor can determine the appropriate timeframe for the treatment to begin. You may have to wait a couple of weeks.


Verify Your Clinic’s Credentials

ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Costs

This step is WAY more important than the price of the laser tattoo removal.

It’s not worth going to a cheap place if they’re unqualified.

Browse their website and validate their training certificates and licenses. Or ask these questions at your initial consultation if you don’t have time to check online.

If the tattoo removal clinic is legitimate, they will gladly show you all their certifications, credentials, and training.

At ReThink the Ink, we are very proud of all the training and certifications we have. We want our customers to feel safe and comfortable with their treatment.

Pricing FAQs:

Q: How much does it cost to get a tattoo removed?

A: Laser tattoo removal pricing depends on the color and quality of the ink, the size of the tattoo, and the location of the tattoo. There’s no tattoo removal cost calculator out there… You’re going to have to get a tattoo removal estimate.

You can get a free consultation here.

ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Costs


Q: What’s the average cost of tattoo removal?

A: Again, laser tattoo removal prices depend on how much ink is used, where the tattoo is located, and other factors. So there’s not really an average cost… It depends on if you have a small tattoo, or a tribal tattoo, or how old you are… But in terms of averages? You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 – $500 per session.

Q: What is the price to get a small tattoo removed?

A: The pricing is always done tattoo by measuring the square inch of the tattoo.

Most tattoo removal clinic ranges from $50 to $60 square inch. So for a small tattoo, = the average price would start from $80 to $300 per session depending on the clinic’s cost per square inch.

Q: How many sessions will it take to remove my tattoo?

A: Without an initial consultation, it’s impossible to know how many sessions it’ll take to remove your tattoo…

How number of sessions it’ll take to remove your tattoo depends on a couple of things:

  • How big your tattoo is
  • The type, and density, of ink used in the tattoo
  • The color of the tattoo
  • Your health
  • Your skin type

Q: Will getting my tattoo removed hurt?

A: Getting your tattoo removed shouldn’t hurt. It’s most likely going to be uncomfortable, but we don’t describe the sensation as painful.

You may have read that a Pico Laser can be very painful and even result in skin damage, scarring, burning, and blistering.

But we do not use the Pico Laser! We use a Q-Switched Laser, which is proven technology, and is much less likely to be painful or cause any negative side-effects.

Q: Will getting my tattoo removed leave a scar?

A: If you have pre-existing scarring on the tattoo, then that scarring will remain.

But since we use a Q-Switched laser (compared to the less safe Pico Technology), it’s very uncommon to have patients scar.

So if you don’t have pre-existing scarring, you can expect that after the tattoo is removed, it will not leave a scar.

Q: Are there any negative side-effects?

A: As with anything, there are side-effects. We are working with a very powerful laser, and although it’s safe, you may experience some discomfort, such as:

  • Hyperpigmentation – where the skin gets darker
  • Hypopigmentation – where the skin gets lighter in colorBlisters
  • Tender to the touch
  • Swelling
  • Scabbing
  • Bruising