CO2 Fractionated Laser

Best Results, One Time Treatment with CO2 Fractionated Laser

Looking for an in office procedure that all give you the best results after one visit? Check out CO2 Fractionated Laser treatments for help with age spots or liver spot reduction, wrinkles, sagging and sun damaged skin.

At Rethink the Ink in Denver, CO we have a team of highly trained and certified technicians who have a passion for delivering unsurpassed customer service. We also keep state-of-the-art laser equipment and have traveled the world just learn and train about advanced techniques.

The CO2 Fractionated Laser can treat many skincare ailments from advanced skin damage to sun damaged aging skin. Is CO2 Fractionated Laser treatment right for you? To begin with, its important to understand that most of the time, CO2 Fractionated Laser treatments are a one time service with moderate future upkeep. In order to take full advantage of the benefits of such a treatment, you will need to expect to take downtime to heal. The silver lining in taking downtime, is that you likely won’t need to go back for multiple visits that other laser treatments require.

Beyond the downtime needed, there are so many advantages to CO2 Fractionated Laser treatments. First off, areas of treatment include the face, neck and chest area. If you are looking for smoother, more evenly colored skin on your décolletage, this could be a great service for you! This treatment can also help with the fine lines, scarring, wrinkles, thin collagen, sun exposure and dull skin tone.

To see if you are a great candidate for CO2 Fractionated Laser treatment, connect with our team at Rethink the Ink today. We’d love to discuss your skincare needs and expectations, and align them with appropriate treatment options for you.

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