Celebrity Tattoo Removal

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Here’s a great article for some top name celebrities, who have removed their tattoos. 

Here’s how the tattoo removal process works:

According to the recent studies, Americans who opt to ink their skin spent approximately 1.6 million dollars every year. These studies only mean that tattooing is not only for fun, but a representation of culture, character, and a way to express someone’s ideas or emotions to somebody. On the contrary, among these millions of tattooed individuals are changed people who reach a point in their life that they seek tattoo removal procedure. Because of this, the tattoo removal facilities have been soaring in the past few years regarding business revenue. More and more individuals are asking to get their tattoo or tattoos removed entirely. The real question is, how can you remove something that is permanent like a tattoo? Here’s how it is done.

The primary purpose of traditional tattoo removal is to scrape off, slough off and excise the tattooed skin to eliminate the ink permanently. This medical approach includes dermabrasion with the use of the abrasive device, a chemical peel that firmly removes the outer layer of the skin and excision that involves surgically to eliminate the portion of the skin where the tattoo was inked.
Due to these excruciating methods in tattoo removal, experts uses the laser technology and utilizes its properties as an advantage.
The science of removing tattoo without the extreme pain

The Q-switched laser is the procedure that involves laser in removing the tattoo in the skin. Since the ink is implanted in the dermis (second layer of the skin), any tattoo removal procedure other than laser method would be terribly agonizing. Now, instead of using the various surgical instrument, laser machine is involved light and energy.

Every laser devices transmit impulses of light to the target and heat it up to be able to break down the pigments of the ink. Typically, the main reason why the body’s defense cells were not able to eliminate the tattoo in the first place even the body recognized it as a foreign body, the pigments are larger for the cells to swallow and eradicate it out from the system. Yes, the body is designed to remove any foreign chemicals out from the body the moment they reach blood vessels. It is part of the first line of defense of the body system. Since the effect of the laser is to disintegrate the pigments, the immune cells are now capable of engulfing these smaller pigments and flush it out from the body.

What will happen next?

The good news about the laser tattoo removal technique is its continuous effect. Even after the first session, some pigments of the ink continually broken down after a day or two of the treatment. The diameter of the tattoo and the color always matter regarding some sessions that need to be completed to achieve the intended result. It would take time as well for the immune system to eliminate the pigments of the tattoo totally out from the body. Nevertheless, as the treatment progress, the tattoo will remarkably diminish. Slight pain may felt, but skin experts apply topical anesthesia