Celebrity Tattoo Removal

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Check out who decided not to live with their unwanted tatt… Here’s a great article for some top name celebrities, who have removed their tattoos.  Here’s how the tattoo removal process works: According to the recent studies, Americans who opt to ink their skin spent approximately 1.6 million dollars every year. These studies only mean that tattooing is not only for … Read More

Jews and Tattoo Removal: Is it Okay?

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Is Judaism against tattoos? It’s commonly thought that Judaism frowns on tattoos and that tattooed Jews can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery, but shockingly this is a misnomer. The origins for Judaism’s negative views on tattoo come from the Bible in Leviticus 19:28: “Do not make gashes in your flesh for a dead person; do not etch a tattoo on … Read More

Tattoo Removal: Climb the Corporate Ladder

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With the U.S. Army tightening in its tattoo policy, more and more people are questioning tattoos in the workplace. The Army’s tattoo policy dictates where the tattoo can be, how big it can be, and even the content of the tattoo. If it could be deemed “deemed extremist, indecent, sexist or racist,” it’s prohibited.  Although the new policy states that individuals already … Read More

The Facts: PicoSure vs Q Switch Technology

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There’s been a lot of talk recently about the new PicoSure tattoo removal technology, and we’ve been asked whether we’re up for switching away from our Quanta Q Plus C. The answer? Nope! We think q switched is superior. It all comes down to physics. In a nutshell, different wavelengths have different impacts on specific colors of tattoo ink within the … Read More

Get to Know Rethink the Ink Laser Tattoo Removal

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This article was printed in Evergreen Newspapers in July 2012.  In fantasy, problems are quickly and easily solved by magical means. In the real world, real solutions are required. Rethink the Ink offers real solutions to people wishing to erase the more visible excesses of callow youth, and provides results that often seem nothing short of magical. “People are always … Read More

The Worldwide Supremacy of Q-Plus C (T)

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Curious about what kind of technology we use at Rethink the Ink for laser tattoo removal? We’re down with the worldwide supremacy of Q-Plus C (Total)! The Q-Plus series provides a much higher performances when compared to other Q-switched lasers on the market. One-and-half years after its introduction, the Q-Plus C ( also named Q-Plus T) is the first and … Read More