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How much does tattoo removal cost?

Our laser tattoo removal costs start at just $49 per treatment, but that is as much detail as we can offer without knowing the specifics of your situation. During your free consultation we’ll provide an estimate on how many treatments are necessary to remove your tattoo(s) and the associated costs. Our pricing structure is based on the actual amount of ink on your body, not the size of the area. We offer a %30 discount for all military, police and fire fighters with a valid identification card.

Sandra Roark 

Sandra was born in North East Ohio and couldn’t bare the brutal, unpredictable winters any longer. In 2008 she decided to head west to Las Vegas, Nevada, where the sun is always shining. As a bartender on the strip she met a lot of people from all over the world and realized, there’s a good amount of the population who have tattoo’s  that they were no longer proud of. Having empathy for people who felt like they had made a mistake that they were going to have to live with for the rest of their lives, she began researching laser tattoo removal. After researching the industry and realizing it is possible to completely remove unwanted ink from your skin, she enrolled in A Laser Academy and finished top in her class. After being in the industry as a technician she realized how unbelievably rewarding it is to remove a part of a persons past that they no longer wanted to be associated with. She enjoys taking on new tasks and challenges and helping people every step of the way.



Look out Las Vegas, the successfully established laser tattoo removal company, Rethink the Ink has officially opened its doors right down the street from you. Tired of being the individual at the pool party with that embarrassing tattoo, at one point in your life you thought you couldn’t live without? Las Vegas is the 11th fastest growing metropolitan area and in a city that is ever changing, your style and tattoo should have the same ability. Whether you would like to lighten your tattoo for a cover up or completely remove the ink, we pride ourselves on offering the safest, most responsible protocols to preserve the skin and ensure the best, most natural removal or lightening experience.

Las Vegas is a city with ample opportunity and one of the many great advantages of living in Las Vegas is how tattoo friendly most employers are. However, you may be finding it difficult to progress in your career, or you may have older tattoo’s that aren’t vibing well with your more recent tattoos. Maybe it’s a stigma you would no longer like to be associated with and you would like to portray a different image. There are many reasons a person may want to detach themselves from their tattoo. Whatever the reason may be, our laser technicians at Rethink the Ink/Las Vegas are highly trained, experienced, and ready to remove the ink you no longer desire.

In a city known for gambling, don’t choose the roulette wheel, choose the company that will fulfill your goals in the tattoo removal process.

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shoulder tattoo before and afterFirst off, the results from tattoo removal are 50% how your body digests the ink, and 50% is the equipment used during treatments. Having the right equipment with optimal wavelengths is very important. Each wavelength targets different colors at different depths, so having the correct wavelengths ensures all colors can be treated safely. At Rethink The Ink Tattoo Removal we use the Quanta Q Plus C Q-Switched laser with all three wavelengths needed to deal with any tattoo color (1064nm, 694nm, 532nm). Our Quanta Q Plus C utilizes a technology called “Top Hat Profile.” Top Hat Profile is a square laser beam that delivers even and uniform energy within pulses. It allows us to track treated areas while keeping the chances of blistering to a minimum.

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