Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Like every tattoo, our approach to pricing is unique.

If you have a tattoo you would like removed, don’t let costs deter you! At Rethink the Ink we can customize a treatment plan to fit almost any budget. Just as each tattoo is unique, so is the cost of removal. Part of your free initial consultation will be gathering the specific details surrounding the tattoo you would like removed. This will allow us to form an estimate on the amount of treatments your removal will take. The total number of treatments will vary from case to case based on coloring, size, the quality of the ink, and the location of the tattoo.

ReThink the Ink Tattoo Removal Denver CO Costs

Our laser tattoo removal costs start at just $49 per treatment, but that is as much detail as we can offer without knowing the specifics of your situation. We always customize a pricing and treatment plan to match your individual removal needs. During your free consultation we’ll provide an estimate on how many treatments are necessary to remove your tattoo(s) and the associated costs. Our pricing structure is based on the actual amount of ink on your body, not the size of the area.

Package deals and zero percent financing are available for all types of credit and don’t forget to check out our discounts to see if you qualify for special pricing.

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Tattoo removal pricing explained

Laser tattoo removal procedure is one of the most advanced treatments available for the public to acquire today. However, there are still few people who still access the traditional approach; most tattooed individuals are satisfied with the result of the laser technology. Since the latest advancement in tattoo removal comes handy, people are trying to save up or at least get a discount. According to medical insurance providers, laser tattoo removal is not covered by the health insurance because it is a personal preference which categorized as a cosmetic treatment. On the other hand, there are cases wherein it can be covered by health insurance, as long as it affects the person medically.

Get your free tattoo removal consultation
Almost all laser tattoo removal clinics provide a free consultation fee, so you can get the price to remove a tattoo at the same time. Most tattooed persons take advantage on the no cost consultation to compare the tattoo removal cost and land to a better deal.
On the day of the initial appointment, the skin expert will need to inspect the tattoo and check the following aspects thoroughly:
• Size. According to the latest statistics, the tattoo will be measured by the square inch. Most tattoo removal clinic ranges from $50 to $60 square inch. For small to medium size tattoo, the average price would start from $80 to $500 per session.
• The thickness of the ink. Professional Tattooist creates detailed tattoo design which consists of highly saturated inks. For laser tattoo removal providers, this type of tattoo requires more effort to be removed.
• Color. There are different types of tattoo shades which mean various types of laser technology to use. In a Q-switched laser, there are three kinds and works well with various colors. Your doctor will discuss these options during the consultation.
• Brand of ink. Type of ink needs to be checked whether it is organic or not. Most of the time, organic can be easily removed.
• Age of the tattoo. The age of the tattoo can be determined through its appearance. According to skin experts, an old tattoo that ages ten years up is easier to remove.
• Skin type and color. Skin sensitivity and color needs to be considered to prevent any skin reaction to the laser technology. As we all know, the effect of the laser is the same as with the UVA of the sun which means that skin should not be overexposed. There is skin that is highly sensitive to the laser, and skin experts might provide you an alternative way to do the tattoo removal.

The consultation takes several minutes to complete because it is also the time where the doctor identifies the perfect laser technology to use. Normally, this is the time for you to ask questions or inquire something related to the tattoo. Your medical history needs to be discussed, and if you took any medication in the past few weeks, you have to indicate it. In this way, your doctor can determine the appropriate timeframe for the treatment to begin. The number of the session will be provided too and the corresponding schedule. Check out the nearest laser tattoo removal facilities for a free consultation.

The ink density and the tattoo removal cost
The tattoo removal cost primarily depends on various factors, but skin experts and laser technicians confirm that thickly saturated tattoo needs more work and time to remove. Thus, the highly dense tattoo is more expensive compared to less intact tattoos. Moreover, ink density predicts the number of sessions that needs to be completed to achieve the optimum result. However, in estimating the number of treatments, the person’s metabolism will be considered too. The metabolism pertains to the ability of the body to dispose the fragmented pigment particles out from the system speedily.

Get more specials
One of the reasons why people hesitated to visit a laser tattoo removal because of the payment at the end of every treatment. Little do we know that there are some great deals that we can take advantage of a customer only if we are aware of them. Here are some ideas to think about when wanting more discounts:
-The laser tattoo removal cost is less during the winter season. According to laser tattoo removal providers, the demand for tattoo removal will decrease during winter compared to the summer months. Reduced demand means more specials to be given away for a customer who would opt in for tattoo removal.
-Avail the package deal instead of paying per session. Buying a complete package treatment will provide you more discount compared to paying per treatment. The most tattoo removal clinic offers huge discounts to the customer that purchase packages, and they even add some free skin procedures like facial, etc.
-Going to a laser tattoo removal clinic rather than the office of the dermatologist will give you better deal with tattoo removal cost. Though visiting a dermatologist will give you an edge as far as knowledge with your skin is a concern, but with the procedure, there is no difference at all. Tattoo removal clinics are filled with medical staff like nurses and healthcare assistants that are trained to handle laser treatment procedures with lesser treatment cost compared to dermatologist’s professional fee.
-Laser tattoo removal treatment performs in seldom in the morning and during weekdays. So expect that there will be morning and weekdays discount or freebies which you can avail during this time. Talk to your provider for more information.

Verify your clinic’s credentials
Verifying the laser tattoo credentials like training certificates and licenses is very crucial to your safety as a customer. Some clinics have inexperienced and untrained staff who work as laser technician which is very dangerous. Before visiting a laser tattoo removal facility, browse their website and validate the certificates. If you do not have time checking it online, you can ask about it when you visit the clinic. Most of the tattoo removal clinic will present it to you with enthusiasm.