Tattoo Removal Before and After Photos

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The pictures above were taken with the permission of Rethink the Ink’s former clients. No longer does tattoo removal mean unpleasant scars or left over bits of ink in the skin; using modern technology and the proper techniques, Rethink the Ink can remove your tattoo without a trace of ink or any permanent marks remaining.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to the tattoo removal process, and the number of sessions you will need to fully remove your ink can depend on the size of your tattoo, the amount of ink used, placement on the body, and a range of other factors. That being said, at Rethink the Ink, we are confident that with enough treatments and the proper equipment, anyone can achieve before and after results like those seen here. Just as each tattoo was unique, each of these cases required a different number of treatments to achieve results; however, they were all 100% successful. No scarring, no ink left.

At Rethink the Ink we use the Quanta Q Plus C laser, the only three true wavelength system in the world. This allows us to fully remove your tattoo the first time and also helps us to repair removal work done by other clinics with older, ineffective technology.

Rethink the Ink’s ability to achieve results comes from a combination of skill, cutting edge equipment, knowledge in the field, and years of experience. If you were dubious about tattoo removal and the success rate of the laser treatment process, we hope these pictures will give you confidence in the procedure. If you trust us with your laser tattoo removal we will soon be adding a picture of your ink free skin to our before and after gallery. (With your permission, of course!)

Did you know?

+ The fingers and toes have poor lymphatic flow and circulation, but tattoo removal from the feet and hands can be done


+ The neck has great blood flow, which means you’ll experience minimal treatments for successful tattoo removal.


+ Homemade tattoos make for fast, easy removal with one to three sessions being the norm.


+ We are one of the few tattoo removal facilities with the capability to remove full color.


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